The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented backlog of civil cases in the California court system. Our already overburdened system is now grappling with the consequences of an over one-year delay in getting civil cases to trial. Many are worried that we are returning to a system where cases will approach the five-year mandatory dismissal deadline before a courtroom can be made available by the courts.

Law and Motion calendars are becoming oppressively overburdened.

All parties to litigation suffer from the added costs and travails of prolonged proceedings.

If you and your opponent, and your respective clients, are facing a significant delay in your litigation, you may wish to consider stipulating to the appointment of a retained judge pro tem who is able to conduct the trial or other proceedings in a prompt and timely fashion.

The California Rules of Court have long provided for trials by a stipulated judge pro tem, but few have used this approach because there has been no available venue.

Retired Judge David Lampe and Common Ground Resolutions have created a small courtroom setting to accommodate adversary evidentiary proceedings. For more involved proceedings, Judge Lampe can arrange for larger facilities.

We can also conduct statutory Mandatory Settlement Conferences.

The advantage of trial by an appointed judge pro tem is that the matter remains a constitutional case, retaining all rights of writ and appeal, provided that certain criteria are maintained. Judge Lampe is prepared to ensure that the case meets all necessary standards.

Please take a look at our facilities pictured here. Judge Lampe is also willing to arrange for other facilities and for different venues if necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions.